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About Bioko

Our Name

The name Bioko reflects our purpose and ambition.

‘Bio’ lends itself to our natural biological process – we recycle organic material. And ‘Oko’ is reflective of our most prized asset – the black soldier fly (BSF). The BSF species is native to the Americas, and in some South American belief systems, Oko is revered as a deity of fertile agriculture.

The combination of these two roots form Bioko. A nutrient recycling company that balances science and technology with nature to create circular economy solutions for food waste, with the ultimate aim of bettering the planet’s agricultural systems.

Bioko is also the name of a biodiverse island off the west coast of Africa. This agriculturally rich land serves an inspiration for how both delicate and powerful natural systems can be. We believe the best technologies are those that are made with nature in mind; as these are the innovations that will lead us forward in repairing our planet for future generations.

PreZero is an innovative, global recycler at the forefront of developing circular economy solutions. The German based company has over 90 locations spread throughout nine different countries. The PreZero US mission is to develop closed loop solutions for waste through collaboration. This mission is carried out by forging relationships with companies that are developing innovations in the recycling space and then providing the resources and vision to scale those innovations. In addition, PreZero provides expertise in the management of recyclable materials from decades of operations in Europe.

The core materials that PreZero focuses on developing solutions for are plastics and organics. By closing the loop on these materials domestically, PreZero believes we can dramatically reduce landfill waste and in turn support a more circular and sustainable economy.